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TimeRelease has moved!

TimeRelease has been rebuilt and enhanced and is now part of the legendary seyDesign line up.
Currently, the new version is in beta form.
You will be redirected to seyDesign's website momentarily.

Existing Customers

Existing TimeRelease customers should contact me if you have not already received information about upgrading.

Need the Manual?

Still using the orginal stack? Click here for the maanual and demo page.

Why the move?

kti.Stacks has merged with seyDesign for a few reasons. They are Adam Merrifield, Chris Cifonie and Chris Lowe. Together we make a powerful team fully capable of creating stacks that you can trust. You can read the announcement here. All existing customers will be taken care of! If you have any questions feel free to contact me. If you haven't already, I'd also encourage you to join the seyDesign forum.